The Art of “The Look”

By Niamh Cullen | ““The look” captures everything that I want. Betrayal, tension and pain met with acceptance of the longing. This look says to audiences ‘do you see where this is all leading? Have you backed the right horse?’”… Continue reading →

On Haircuts and Himbos

By Bailey Herdé | “This is the thing about Cappie that draws you in, more so than the charm, more so than the hair: he cares. And, unlike so many men his age — unlike so many men, period — he isn’t afraid to show it.”… Continue reading →

Teens, Dystopia, and the Art of Rebellion

By Georiga Davis | “If teenagers rebel, it is often against an older authority, whether it be their parents, their teachers or society itself … So, transferring this generational battle of power to the realm of dystopia – where these establishments reign supreme – only seems natural.”… Continue reading →

On Watching White Girls

By Sara Hashemi | “When you aren’t white and you’re looking to see yourself in these movies, watching them is like staring into a broken mirror. I’m searching for a reflection, but it can never be accurate.”… Continue reading →

To the Coolest Girl in the World: Archiving Adolescence in ‘Eighth Grade’

By Tiia Kelly | “These artefacts constitute a record: a small sphere of expression for Kayla to move around in, to stretch her limbs and hear her own self-assured voice played back to her. When social anxiety prevents her from publicly expressing herself, the vlogs become a means of asserting, at the very least, a kind of self — someone she’d like to be, until whoever she is can either catch up or overtake them.”… Continue reading →

‘Adam’s’ Confused Queer Adolescence

By Emma Ambrose | “Coming to grips with one’s sexuality does not come from staring longingly into a mirror and listening to the heart’s desire. It comes through interacting with other queer people who are just as flawed and confused and struggling to understand who they are.”… Continue reading →