The Art of “The Look”

By Niamh Cullen | ““The look” captures everything that I want. Betrayal, tension and pain met with acceptance of the longing. This look says to audiences ‘do you see where this is all leading? Have you backed the right horse?’”… Continue reading →

On Haircuts and Himbos

By Bailey Herdé | “This is the thing about Cappie that draws you in, more so than the charm, more so than the hair: he cares. And, unlike so many men his age — unlike so many men, period — he isn’t afraid to show it.”… Continue reading →

Teens, Dystopia, and the Art of Rebellion

By Georiga Davis | “If teenagers rebel, it is often against an older authority, whether it be their parents, their teachers or society itself … So, transferring this generational battle of power to the realm of dystopia – where these establishments reign supreme – only seems natural.”… Continue reading →

On Watching White Girls

By Sara Hashemi | “When you aren’t white and you’re looking to see yourself in these movies, watching them is like staring into a broken mirror. I’m searching for a reflection, but it can never be accurate.”… Continue reading →

To the Coolest Girl in the World: Archiving Adolescence in ‘Eighth Grade’

By Tiia Kelly | “These artefacts constitute a record: a small sphere of expression for Kayla to move around in, to stretch her limbs and hear her own self-assured voice played back to her. When social anxiety prevents her from publicly expressing herself, the vlogs become a means of asserting, at the very least, a kind of self — someone she’d like to be, until whoever she is can either catch up or overtake them.”… Continue reading →