One Day At A Time and Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love Get Quinces Right
By Odalis Garcia Gorra | "As seen through these two shows, for both Elena and Ashley, a quinces means welcoming an era they were preparing all their life for."
Growing Up with “Scream”: A Closer Look at High School Musical 3’s Most Dramatic Song
By Katherine Clowater | "'Scream' is loud, dramatic, and even downright Shakespearean in its portrayal of doubt, anxiety, and the growing responsibilities of adulthood — but that’s how it feels to be a teenager."
Me and Jo March: Locating Queerness at Orchard House
By Anna Burnham | "When I began asserting to others that Jo March was deeply, obviously queer, I was trying to tell the people around me — I was trying to tell myself — that I was, too."
Analog Love in a Digital World: Re-watching ‘Before Sunrise’ 25 Years On
By Sam Nicholls | "'Before Sunrise' isn’t so much a celebration of the ‘analog’ generation, but of the same existence every generation faces at some point: being young, being your own person, and being in love."
‘Never Been Kissed,’ and Why We Still Watch High School Movies In Adulthood
By Claire White | "There is comfort in all the familiar beats and characters in a high school film, a predictability we can depend on and take in easily when adulthood is so confusing and unknowable."
The Roads to Maturity and Self-Discovery in ‘Whisper of the Heart’
By Miguel Galang | "There is something euphoric to finally knowing yourself a little better, especially when you’re young and growing up can feel like a race."
Editors’ Letter: New Beginnings
By Claire White & Odalis Garcia Gorra