On Haircuts and Himbos
By Bailey Herdé | "This is the thing about Cappie that draws you in, more so than the charm, more so than the hair: he cares. And, unlike so many men his age — unlike so many men, period — he isn’t afraid to show it."
“Because you saw me when I was invisible”: Clumsy Adolescent Love in ‘The Princess Diaries’
By Rebecca Rosén | "The film is a sweet depiction of the trembling first steps you take as you try to navigate your first feelings of love … [and to] find people who accept and love you as you are."
Finding Your Person: Platonic Soulmates in the Films of Greta Gerwig
By Claire White | "By bringing attention to these deep and meaningful relationships, Gerwig’s films show us that these close friendships [are] important and worthy of attention."
From Dream Houses to Razzles: An Ode to Matt Flamhaff from ’13 Going on 30′
By Katherine Clowater | "For her to share [Razzles] with him as an adult is not only self-acceptance for Jenna but an acceptance of Matt’s love, and a silent reciprocation of it too."
‘The Hunger Games’ and Compulsory Heterosexuality
By Jo Reid | "The first time she outwardly shows romantic affection to Peeta is when she needs medicine, and so she kisses him…Performing romantic love is established as a necessary tool for survival."
Our Lives Are Liminal: Queer Love in ‘We Are Who We Are’
By Josh Sorensen | "Queer teenagers are inherently liminal beings and must find their own way of measuring development, find their own way of growing up."
The Fearless Call To Youthful Love and Desire In Mexican Cinema By a Young Gael García Bernal
By Aaron Sánchez-Guerra | "We learn that love is superficial among the materialist elite, it is toxic and painful when pursued in secret and that a mania for sexual conquest can result in abuse, loss or separation."